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Over the last few seasons Chris Haxell has been wandering around the ground at major events and cricket matches capturing images of the characters of the club either relaxing at one the many social events or playing cricket at our beautiful ground on the banks of the Thames.

In the archive section you will find the photos Chris has made available to date. We have already posted two President’s Day albums, 2008 and 2009, as well as images from several matches played in 2009.

It is Chris’ intention to make these images available for sale to Members of the Club. So, if you want to have copies of any of the photographs, please fill in the Order form and he will send you a print. He can also frame the photos for you at a reasonable price.

For every image sold, Chris has generously agreed to donate £1 to the Club; so please order a few and help us raise some money towards the redevelopment of the Clubhouse.

Please also quote you Membership number with your order.