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Minutes of the EMCC Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 15th January 2012 @ 4.30pm at the EMCC pavilion



  • Welcome and introductions


Patrick Talbot welcomes everyone to the EMCC 2012 AGM


  • Apologies


No apologies had been received.


  • Minutes of last AGM


The Minutes of the 2011 were signed and dated by the Chairman Patrick Talbot.


  • Matters Arising


There were no matters arising.


  • Chairman’s Review of 2011


Patrick Talbot read out his review of the 2011 season. See attched.


The Chairman invited Jon Elworthy the Club Secretary to give a quick report on the season and what he would like to see happen in the 2012 season.


He expressed his frustration at the progress made in securing a second pitch for the Club.


Octagon were in the process of producing guide costs for the development of the new pavilion


He reported that a scheme had now been produced for the Playground.


He stated that the showers and sewage work should now be a priority for the club.


People need to volunteer to raise funds.



  1. Treasurer’s Report/Accounts


Keith Doughty read out his report for 2011. See attached.



  1. Captains Reports & Sunday X1


1st XI


Sam Burge the 2011 1st Eleven Captian was not available to give a report. Kieran Burge the vice captain was asked to give a report, and he stated it had been a good season, spoilt with some poor performances mid season. Despite this the team had still finished 4th.


2nd XI


Jack Miller, the second’s captain great a full report on a successful season and looked forward to the 2012 season and another step up in performance. Special mention was made of Gavin McMillan and Greg Brown.


He said the team would be looking for promotion again next year.


3rd XI


Kevin Lawler was not in attendance and there was no one from the 3rd’s to give a report.


4th XI


Paul stated that the team had achieved its highest finishing position of 3rd.

He stated he was looking to regularly play 5 or 6 senior colts in each match in 2012.


Sunday XI


Henry Glynn reported that they have only lost one match in the whole season and had won the Sunday League again. The prize for winning the League was a £250 voucher to be spent on equipment.



  1. Colts Report


Ken Tomlin reported that 2011 had been a very successful year and that the number of colts being trained continues to grow. More equipment had been purchased and everything was moving forward.



  1. Election of Officers


The following individuals were elected to the following positions:-


President                    Stella Burgess            Proposed:           Patrick Talbot

Seconded:           Malcolm Lawford


Chairman                    Patrick Talbot             Proposed:           Jon Elworthy

Seconded:           Chris Westphal


Secretary                     Jon Elworthy               Proposed:           Barry Glynn

                                                                Seconded:           Paul Lawford


Assistant Secretary         Lynn Hamilton            Proposed:           Ken Tomlin

                                                                Seconded:           Sarah Mooney


Treasurer                         Kieran Burge            Proposed:           Jack Miller

                                                                Seconded:           Simon Barrett


Colts Chairman          Ken Tomlin                        Proposed:           Simon Cripps

                                                            Seconded:           Brendan Lynch


Club Captain                    Chris Westphal          Proposed:          Paul Gladstone

                                                                      Seconded:          Lucinda Riggs


Cricket Committee           Paul Lawford           Proposed:           Chris Westphal

Chairman                                                            Seconded:      Barry Glynn


Captain of First XI                Paul Lawford          Proposed:           Kieran Burge

Seconded:           Henry Glynn


Captain of Second XI           Jack Miller                  Proposed:           Simon Barrett

Seconded:          Neil Campbell


Captain of Third XI               Kevin Lawler          Proposed:           Paul Lawford

Seconded:          Lucinda Riggs


Captain of Fourth X1           Paul Gladstone          Proposed:           Chris Westphal

Seconded:          Keith Doughty


Sunday League and        Ross Paxton                Proposed:        Henry Glynn

Friendly Captain                                                                Seconded:        Jack Miller


Fixture Secretary             Ross Paxton          Proposed:           Barry Glynn

Seconded:          Simon Barrett


Membership Secretary    Sally Strang          Proposed:           Sarah Mooney

Seconded:          Ken Tomlin

Bar and external

events Secretary              Lucinda Riggs           Proposed:           Neil Campbell

Seconded:          Chris Westphal


Funding Secretary           Brendan Lynch          Proposed:           Ken Tomlin

Seconded:          Keith Doughty


Web Editors                      Simon Barrett           Proposed:           Lucinda Riggs

Seconded:          Jon Elworthy

Social Secretary/Club

Events                                       Sarah Mooney          Proposed:           Keith Doughty

Seconded:          Chris Westphal


Welfare Officers                   Simon Cripps/           Proposed:           Paul Lawford

 Tamsin Tomlin                Seconded:     Stella Burgess


All elections were unanimous.



  1. Subscription Rates




  1. Overseas Player


Barry Glynn reported that no players had been confirmed to date, but that several options were available.



  1. Colts Registration Date/Event


Colts registration night would be held on the 23rd March 2012.

The date of the seniors registration night is yet to be set


  1. Any other Business