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Ground Improvements

We have made loads of improvements to the grounds over the winter which will hopefully enable everyone to play more cricket on better quality wickets in the future.


A few highlights are:

  • ‘Hortech Systems’ have recently installed a high specification pop up sprinkler system around the square. This will enable the groundsman to give the cricket square the water it requires. Perhaps due to the river our square drains much faster than the average and the pressure provided by the mains water wasn’t sufficient to give it the drink it required, often resulting in dry crumbling wickets which don’t result in good cricket wickets. This is a really exciting upgrade and will enable more cricket to be played on better quality wickets for all of our junior and senior sections.


  • At the end of last summer ‘Total Play’ installed our state of the art 5 lane net facility which hopefully everyone has had a chance to try out. We are delighted with the results and once we have fixed a few snags we are very confident we have one of the best practice facilities in the county for our players to develop their cricket within.