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Membership breakdown for East Molesey Cricket Club

Full Membership

This is open to those over 18 years of age who play for one of the Senior sides. 

Junior Membership

This is open to boys and girls under 18 years of age and still in full-time education. Siblings of Juniors are able to join at a discount. 

Parents of Juniors get Social Membership as part of the Juniors’ membership of their children.

Children joining the U5s group must, however, be of school age and have started Reception.

Social/Family Members

This Membership includes children of playing members and parents of Junior members under 16 years of age. 

All are welcome to apply for Social Membership of the Club and we hope that local residents and those who work for local businesses will join the Club.

Student/Concessionary Members

This membership is open to students over 18 but under 25 years of age and still in full-time education, and those players who are aged over 65 years or currently unemployed.

Subscriptions for 2019

Full/Playing Membership


U16+ Student Rate

£125.00 (match fees may also apply)

Senior (Occasional player)

(more than 4 games further subscription of £115.00, making a total of £165.00


Social Membership of East Molesey Cricket Club (includes use of bar & special/social events)


Junior Membership  

U5 £70.00

U6 & U7 £115.00

U8 & U9 £135.00*

U10– U15  £150.00*

Student Rate (U16s+) £125.00 (match fees may also apply)

*Additional Junior Membership 

Pay full price for eldest child and £115.00 for siblings (or full fee for U7 and below).

Senior Match Fees

£10.00 Sat 

£5  Sun

Senior Match Fees (Seniors in Full Time Education/ Unemployed / Colts) 

£5.00 Sat  

£3.00 Sun

Junior Membership Applications for 2019

To be placed on the waiting list please complete the Junior Enquiry Form.

Senior (Player and/or Social) Membership Applications for 2019

Please enquire here: Senior Enquiry Form.

Bona Fide Visitors

Members, officials and supporters of other visiting sports teams will be granted permission to purchase intoxicating liquor at the bar.  

A member may introduce up to three bona fide guests at a time on a maximum number of twelve occasions per year.  Guests’ names must be entered in the Guest Book and accompanied by the introducing member’s signature. 

Members hiring the facilities of the Club for a fee set by the Committee will be granted permission to purchase intoxicating liquor at the bar.


Members and Guests Code

Safeguarding Children Policies and Procedures

Safeguarding Policy Statement

Junior Code of Conduct