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Andrew Westphal
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Andrew Westphal
Nickname: westy, JP, speedy
Best batting: 62*
Best bowling: 4-11
Previous clubs: surrey u11, sunbury
Best cricket moment: playing at lords Motto-"catches win matches"
Message to EMCC colts: "be the best that you can be"
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Kieran Burge
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Kieran Burge
Nicknames: Kiki, Burger, Burgs, Square, Will
Position: Batsman
Best Batting: 147 vs Nomads in 2001
Best Bowling: 6-32 2nds vs (Raiko?? Help me got the other 4)
Previous Clubs: Imperial College 1st XI,
University of London 1st XI
Best Cricketing Moment: Normandy 2009: First 50 for the 1sts helping to win the game.
Motto: Always encourage your teamates. More so when the game is not going your way
Advice for Colts: Bat to the end. Do the team's job yourself
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Sam Burge
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Sam Burge
Nickname:- Burgie, Burger, Sammo
Position:- Wicketkeeper / Batsman
Best Batting:- 149*
Best Bowling:- 3/31 (Apparently!)
Previous Clubs :- Rotorua Boys High School, NZ, Club Cricket Conference XI, Leeds/Bradford UCCE
Greatest Cricketing Moment:- First League 100 vs. Purley (2008)
Motto:- If we play as 1, we can beat any 11 
Advice to EMCC colts:- Value your wicket and make the most out of the good days.
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Ben Campbell
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Ben Campbell
Nickname: Beno, Benny
Position: All rounder
Best Batting: 107*
Best Bowling: 5/52
Other Clubs: None
Greatest Cricketing Moment: Captaining the 1st XI to promotion in 2007.
Motto: Show the same respect to your opponents as you would expect for yourself.
Advice to EMCC colts: Play as team. Always support and encourage your team mates.
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Luke Vanoli-Salmon
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Luke Vanoli-Salmon
Nickname: LVS, Player, Vanilla Bear, Veeno
Position: Batsman
Best batting: 116*
Best bowling: 1-7
Previous clubs: Ashtead CC
Best cricket moment: Scoring my first hundred for East Molesey on debut
Motto: You can't judge a book by its cover 
Message to EMCC colts: If you don't put in the effort at practice you are never going to improve, and always give 110%
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Simon Barret
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Simon Barret
Nickname: Baz, Fanta, Flame, The Shepherd
Position: All-rounder
Best Batting: 172 (Surrey U17 vs Middlesex)
Best Bowling: 5 - 24 (East Molesey vs Finchley, CC Cup QF)
Previous Clubs: Banstead CC, Rotorua Boys' High School, NZ
Greatest Cricketing Moment: First 1st team league hundred 2005, the 'catch of the century' against Purley 2009.
Motto: 'He who dares.. wins' and 'It is the nature of man to rise to greatness, if greatness is expected of him."
Advice to EMCC colts: stay away from Henry Glynn!
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George Cairns
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George Cairns
Nickname:- G-unit
Position:- Batsman
Best Bowling:- 7-36 for East Horsley
Best Batting:- 161* for Watsonians
Previous Clubs:- East Horsley, Watsonians, Edinburgh University and Adelaide University
Motto:- "Train how you want to play".
Advice to EMCC colts:- "Don't think about the past or the future, only play what's in front of you"
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Neil Campbell
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Neil Campbell
Nickname:- Nelly
Position:- All rounder (billy blocker bat & slow dobber bowler)
Best Batting:- 120*
Best Bowling:-5/34
Other Clubs:- North Shore CC (NZ)
Greatest Cricketing Moment:- Warlingham & Old Whits promotion winning games.
Motto:- Be prepared
Advice to EMCC colts:- Practice makes perfect & work just as hard on your fielding - it's the discipline every cricketer spends most time doing!
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Tapiwa Masose
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Tapiwa Masose
Nickname: Taps, Brown Bear, International, Zim, Overseas
Position: Bowler
Best batting: 103*
Best bowling: 5/28
Previous clubs: WImbledon
Best cricket moment: Clean Bowling New Zealand International Keeper Gareth Hopkins 1st ball.
Motto: If your not mentally focused enough on what you want to achieve your never going to achieve it. 
Message to EMCC colts: Always train hard, the results will eventually show in the long run.
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Henry Glynn
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Henry Glynn
Name:- Henry Glynn
Nickname:- Raiko, tua, Big guns, the poet, the duck
Position:- Allrounder
Best batting:- 120*
Best bowling:- 5-5
Previous clubs:- Worcester Park CC, North Shore CC New Zealand, Netherlands 'A'
Greatest cricketing moment:- Training with the new zealand nation team at Eden park, Auckland 2008
Motto:- 'I havent failed, iv just found 1000 ways that dont work'
Advice to EMCC colts:- Train hard, listen to your coaches but above all, play with a smile on your face.
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Paul Lawford
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Paul Lawford
Nickname - Lawf, Shoulders, Grandad.
Position - Batsmen
Best Batting - 147
Best Bowling - 7/77 V 
Previous Clubs - Southampton Solent
Greatest cricketing moment - Getting promotion to Div 2 on the last game of the season in 2003.
Motto - Play hard but fair!!
Advice to EMCC colts - Value your wicket, you can't score runs when you are back in the changing room!
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Henry Jones
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Henry Jones
Nickname: Goose, H, Goober, Hendog, Dog, Hendizzle, Jonesy
Position: Fast Bowler
Best batting: 44*
Best bowling: 4-11
Previous clubs: Don't be silly!! Molesey since I was 6 years old!!
Greatest cricketing moment: Taking 4 wickets against Leciestershire CCC in my 3rd 1st class game playing for Loughborough UCCE.
Motto: 'First class practice, means first class performance'
Advice to EMCC colts: Never doubt your ability, because East Molesey will never doubt you...
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Ross Paxton
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Ross Paxton
Nicknames: Paxo, P-Man, Weapon 
Position: All Rounder
Best batting: 92 v Reigate Priory 
Best bowling: 5-24 v Denmark u19s
Previous clubs- Watsonian CC, Scotland A, Scotland U15-19, MCC, Derbyshire Academy, Scottish Universities, Edinburgh University CC and Kelso CC. 
Best cricket moment: Captaining Scotland u19s or taking 3-36 on my Scotland A debut against Leicestershire. 
Favourite Quote: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." 
Advice to EMCC Colts: The harder you practice the luckier you will get. Talent is nothing without dedication.