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Friday 28th March - external 7pm onwards

Saturday 29th March - external 7pm onwards

Sunday 6th April - external 2pm until 5.30pm

Friday 25th April - First Colts Training

Saturday 26th April - External 7pm onwards

Wednesday 14th May - Mothers Evening

Friday 30th May - external hire 7pm onwards

Saturday 7th June - external hire 7pm onwards

Sunday 8th June - Colts BBQ

Saturday 14th June - Football

Thursday 19th June - Football

Sunday 22nd June - Bunberrys

Tuesday 24th June - Football

Saturday 12th July - External hire 7pm onwards

Sunday 13th July - Colts bbq

Thursday 17th July - External hire

Wednesday 23rd July - 2pm to 5pm - external hire

Sunday 31st August - Last Colts Training

Saturday 6th September - End of Season senior awards

Saturday 13th September - End of Season Colts Awards

Saturday 18th October - External Hire - 5pm onwards